History and Context.

After receiving a BA in Theatre and Dance (acting and directing) and a BS in Radio Television and Film from The University of Texas in 2000, my graduate studies continued at The University. My study evolved within the Convergent Media area of the Department of Radio Television Film. Convergent Media allows and encourages multi-disciplinary work across and between academic divisions.

After two years of graduate study, a Master's project is required that will represent a specific student's interests. My initial focus for this project included cinematography and production design, but soon came to include interior architecture as well as fashion.

Early in 2001, I was reading the local paper and stumbled across an article detailing that the University Co-operative Society had donated over $20,000 for the production of the 2002 UFG show. I had been to the UFG shows in the past which were enjoyable. Given my experience and interest in producing and production design, I realized what an exceptional opportunity this generous donation would provide to the board supervising the event. After much reflection including the possibilities for multi-departmental collaboration, possible designs, textures, and combinations I approached the executive board of the UFG. At the first meeting I attended I proposed a departmental collaboration as researched and detailed in my graduate report and manifesto.

After several meetings and rough sketch of a set plan and scrim idea secured the design of the show. When I began to work on the show, it became evident that the budget could accommodate multi-departmental collaboration. The executive board also voted to allow me to include programmers from the the Department of Theatre and Dance’s specialized Robotic Lighting programmers for the illumination for the show, a crew of students from the Department of Radio Television and Film to provide the live video feed of the show, and a combination of a Convergent Media DJ and a Quartet from the Department of Music to provide the music for the show. I was to provide the inner show digital video segments and post-production, the complete production design, and eventually the production coordination and stage management between the distinct departments and disciplines. Inspired by the academic challenges of combining several disciplines, the opportunity of designing a show that would occur in the largest venue in Austin, and the financial flexibility of the project, I went to work.

There were many questions, themes, processes and discoveries associated with each component of production. The subcategories of work include production coordination, production design, cinematography, sound, stage management, and research.

Carol Ann (Eve) Nicols supervised the UFG show in 2002. Ms. Nicols is a professor and scholar who teaches in the Department of Textiles and Apparel. Ms. Nicols desired a professional show that would showcase each student's garments.

Each proposal drafted by any individual contributor to the show was approved by the executive board of eight students and then required a four-tiered process of approval.

1. Approval by executive board
2. Approval by Eve Nichols (supervisor)
3. Approval by the Department of Textiles and Apparel
4. Approval by The University Co-op

Working with this executive board, every proposal required a 2 week period to go from initial proposition to final approval. Working via committee provided a unique opportunity for group consultation and contribution, but also provided much debate and delay.