From: Eve Nicols, faculty supervisor of OPUS
Re: Kris Swift Technical Producer, The University of Texas Fashion Spectacular 2002 OPUS

Kris Swift’s participation as Technical Producer in the 2002 University of Texas Fashion Spectacular OPUS raised the quality of the production enormously and brought it for the first time to a professional level.
Kris joined the group in the fall of 2001 with the express purpose of helping us create a more professionally produced event. He directed all aspects of the production including stage set design; lighting; music co-ordination and running schedule. He filmed and edited videos to introduce each scene and organized the video of the event. Kris coordinated all the professionals involved and staff of the Frank Erwin Center on the technical production details.

On the night of the event he ran the whole production cueing the models, videos, power point projection, lighting, the D.J. and the live. Kris’s leadership kept the whole production together and raised the standard of the production to such a level that this year we have hired a professional production company to work on the event.
Kris was a great asset the 2002 Fashion Spectacular, he brought fresh inventive ideas, a professional approach, was well organized, located appropriate professionals to work on the event, and directed the event with a clear head and good leadership skills.

I cannot praise his work enough; I would gladly hire him to produce knowing that he would create an excellent high quality and professional event.

Eve Nicols
Director of the 2002 Fashion Spectacular
University of Texas at Austin