As is true with most discoveries, many of my discoveries were, of course, generated by my own mistakes. Rather than document the virtually self-evident errors, I have focused on the insights and discoveries. Some of the best words to conclude a project and summarize an experience come from the people outside of the production.

Eve Nicols [Head Supervisor of Opus]:
Supervisor's report.

Austin Chronicle:
UFG show named, Best annual Fashion Spectacular

Chris Ford [Events Manager Frank Erwin Center]:
"Wow, the show was the most professionally produced student show that has ever occurred in this venue, congratulations we hope to work with you again sometime, will you be doing the show again next year?"

George Mitchell [President of the University Co-op who donated $26,000]:
" This is what it is all about, this was the best show we've seen yet, incredible!"

Style Channel:
UT's UFG show is one of only three schools annual shows that is covered by the Style Channel.

Stephen M. Moser [Fashion Columnist, Austin Chronicle]:
"Opus was the best show yet. The production was a high powered show with enviable production values."

Carol Perkins: [Stage Hand Productions Manager for the Frank Erwin Center]:
"That was the smoothest called show we had in here for a long time, it was a pleasure working with you guys, come back and see us again."


In conclusion, with hard work, persistence, patience, and professionalism nearly anything is possible. After the show concluded, I understood the possibilities of a large venue multi-media project. The skills learned and the problems solved will be applicable in a post scholastic context. This project gave me a heightened sense of the amount of time and energy that goes into a large show. This show also provided me with the realization of how much collaboration goes into a large professional project. Although this project reached a conclusion in the form of one event, I hope to design and produce more shows. A sketch for a future show. I hope to soon work with several unique designers and fashion houses putting together a variety of distinct shows in many different locations. Many thanks to idividuals whos extreme hard work and dedication made this particular show possible.